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Quotes About Being Young Tumblr

Quotes About Being Young Tumblr (3)

You think you know who your true friends are? wait till high school & see who’s there for you when your ex boyfriend spreads rumors about you. Think you’ll never do drugs? Wait till it’s right there in front of you & all your “friends” are doing it. Think your tough? Wait till you say the wrong thing to the wrong person-see who backs down first. Think you’re smart? Wait till you have an English paper, science project, history test & a 10 minute monologue due tomorrow cause you were absent for 1 day. Think you’re cool? wait till you’re the only one who doesn’t make the sports team, see how cool you are then. you think you’re popular? Wait till your parents can’t afford the new Holster jeans everyone has. Think you’ll never fall in love? Wait till a guy looks deep in your eyes & says he loves you. Think you’ll never get your heart broken? wait till that same guy who said he loved you is holding another girl behind your back. Think you won’t have sex? Wait till the guy you think you love says it’ll make you closer. Think “nothing’s going to happen to you”? Yea wait till you’re sitting in a jail cell, wondering how you got caught. Think that you’re always going to be your own individual? Well wait till one morning when you look in the mirror & you’re just like everybody else.


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