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Sad Breakup Quotes To Make You Cry

Sad Breakup Quotes To Make You Cry (3)

when a girl gives up on you , good luck. when she gives up on you , it’s obvious . 1 she will not try to catch your attention. 2 . she will not fight for you anymore . 3 she won’t reply your message as quickly anymore. 4 she won’t try to keep the conversation going anymore. 5 she will not care any more . 6 she no longer get jealous , 7 she will flirt and talk to other guys. 8 she no longer care if you care or not anymore . 9 she no longer goes to your profile and whine to people about how happy you’re , taking to other girls . 10 she will give up on trying to make you love her , because she finally realise that she deserves better, and you will miss her . Miss the way she cared about you. Miss the way she loved you . and you have lost her . So don’t take any girls fir granted , if you love her ,let her know before she gives up.


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